Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Find the Right Bras the Easy Way

It's often hard for women to find bras that work well for their needs. There are far too many models with their own special features and designs. That's why it is such a good idea for any woman to take a few things in mind when she is looking for the right option for what she wants to get out of a good bra.

First, the wires around the lingerie have to be considered. The wires around the front have to be flat on the rib cage. They should not be too loose nor should they be poking the area. They have to be arranged well enough to keep the design comfortable.

The wires also have to be firm if they are to look their best. Firm wires make it easier for the lingerie to have a better fit. This should keep it looking appealing for any kind of use that a woman might have.

Another part of bras is to see how the cup fits. The breasts should go well with the cups and should be smooth in a spot where the fabric up top ends and the bust begins. Nothing should be coming out from the cups. Also, there should be no open spaces that might make it easier for the breasts to move around in. A good product has to be controlled carefully this way.

In fact, anything that has a small cup on it might cause bra lines to develop on the skin. These can be easily visible even when there is nothing being used here.

The fabric that is used also has to be seen carefully. It is true that cotton can be made in bras to make them soft and easier to handle. However, nylon may also work well because it might be a little more durable and less likely to wear out after a while. It's a good thing to find when looking for an appealing fabric to use.

The next tip is to watch for any back fat that appears when trying something out. In many cases back fat is a little easier to find when wearing bras that are not fitting right. This is especially the case for ones that are too small. The key is to find something that is going to fit carefully without any problems coming out of it.

The final tip is to think about some of the things that can be added to a product to make it softer or easier to use. Some pads may be used in a product provided that they are arranged carefully. The pads should be prepared with a little extra support at the bottom to help lift the breasts up a bit. This is to make them feel a little more vibrant and interesting.

It is a good idea to think about what can be used when finding the best possible bras for one's comfort. Quality lingerie needs to be used to keep the breasts from feeling uncomfortable and to also make it so they will feel a little more appealing to anyone.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How Shapewear May Help Postpone a Tummy Tuck

Contrary to popular belief, a tummy tuck does not cause you to lose weight. Instead, this cosmetic surgery is meant to smooth out the contours of your belly, giving you a smoother silhouette across the board. Both people who are heavy and people who are lighter can benefit from a tummy tuck, but before you go in for a consultation, why not think about what shapewear can do for you? This type of clothing gives you the precise effect that a tummy tuck does, and there are plenty of reasons why it might work.

What Is Shapewear?
At the most basic level, shapewear is any garment that helps you change your shape in any way. For example, bras are considered shapewear because they support your breasts and give them a more attractive shape underneath your clothes. In times past, this type of clothing commonly included corsets, which used steel or whalebone to bind the waist and to give it a sharply defined shape. Today’s version is typically made out of a firm fabric that contains spandex and elastic. It may be used on various parts of the body, but one of the most common and popular choices for this purpose are the control-top panties.

Control Top Panties and How They Work
There are many brands and manufacturers that put out control-top panties, but they typically all have the same design. They resemble normal panties, but they are much taller. In some cases, they can be worn as high as the rib cage and in other cases, there are straps that are meant to go over the shoulder, keeping the garment up and keeping it smooth. The result is a torso where excess fat has been pressed smooth. The compression is completely safe, and some people find it very comfortable. Though the results disappear when the garment is removed, many people find that they would rather wear the panties than go under the knife for surgery.

Choosing the Right Panties
When you want to wear panties that will control your shape, it is time to start shopping. When you are looking for high-quality garments of this type, you’ll find that you will do best by getting your measurements. Weigh yourself, and at the very least, get your hip and waist measurement. Using these figures, in conjunction with your height, find your appropriate size on the chart offered on the back of the packaging. Be willing to experiment, and when in doubt, look up reviews online.

Good Fit Is Imperative
If you put on control-top panties and find that you are getting bulging, you either have the wrong size or you need another form of controlling shapewear. Remember that your foundation garments should also be comfortable. If you feel stiff or sore after getting out of them, you need something slightly different. Remember that if something fits well, it will both look better and be more comfortable.

What do you want to see when you look in the mirror? No matter how big or small you are, you won’t mind seeing a more seamless version of yourself. If you are not interested in a tummy tuck, be sure to find out how shapewear can work for you!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shapewear: The Senior Lady's Best Kept Secret

As a woman ages, things sag, wrinkle, crease, discolor and collapse. Most women do not have the financial means to fix these things by surgery, nor the time and effort it would take to keep up with them, so women over age 50 do the next best thing: wear shapewear beneath their outer clothing!

This is a trick Hollywood has used for years. Not all actresses have the perfectly toned and tight bodies we seem to see on the screen. They have used corsets, spandex and other shaping undergarments from arms to ankles to achieve the right look at times. The everyday woman does not need that; she just wants to look and feel her best as she advances into her senior or "golden" years.

One-piece bra and panty shapewear is the best article of clothing a woman over age 50 can own. It has the uplift, support and laciness of a bra on top, and can have a comfortable high cut leg line with and without lace on the bottom. But the part that makes a woman feel pulled in, smoother and sleeker is the midriff part that connects the top and bottom. Similar to a bathing suit, but in lingerie fabric, it will keep that spare tire bulge in the middle under control. Sweaters, t-shirts and dresses will all look better.

One-pieces are also similar to the sexy teddy seen in many lingerie pictures and on the big screen in movies, especially from the 1930s and 1940s era. But as pretty as the teddy was, it was usually made of flimsy silk and did nothing for support. Today's shapewear has both spandex and nylon and nylon lace and comes in many different colors. Two elegant pretty brands are: Curvation's one-piece black with red lace trim, both sexy and comfortable, and Crown-ette's off-white apparel with lacy under-wired bra cups and side inserts.

Shapewear also includes strapless slips and longer garments with thigh control. Both can be used when wearing special dresses for special occasions like weddings, formal affairs or black tie dinners. When a woman feels firm and tight, she will stand taller, walk prouder and smile more. In other words, wearing something as simple as the right undergarment can make a person happier.

Young, firm bodies will look great in anything; they can wear bikinis, thongs and the flimsiest of bras and slip on revealing and short dresses and look amazing. This article is not for them, although shapewear comes in sizes 32A as well as 42DDD and they are welcome to wear these pretty garments too. Women over 50 have no monopoly on one-piece garments, but if you are of that age and have not tried one, please do. No matter how well a bra by itself fits or how pleasing to the eye, there is still the open space right below and all the way to the tummy that needs attention on most women as they age.

Just because a woman is past her prime in the body department, does not change her sense of style, her love of color nor her sexiness within. Wearing soft, smooth shapewear just makes the years less apparent.